Friday, 6 November 2009

There'll be blue birds over.....

Friday 6th November 2009
Time: 17:00hrs.
Distance: 140miles
Rally Position: n/a
Location: Kent

Well it's 5pm, we've arrived safely at the hotel in Kent, passed scrutineering and set the Brantz to the locally measured kilometre.

The drivers and navigators briefing is at 10pm tonight and I've managed to find the bar, which is always good. Good that is unless you're my navigator who has just discovered that the start time tomorrow has been pulled forward and we're now off the line at 07:53HRS.

The car park already has quite a collection of rain soaked cars, including two Datsun 240Z's, which I have to say is a worry for me. Those that followed the blog earlier this year, know that before our engine let go, we were always playing chase the 240! Also there is a Peugeot 205 GTi and whilst not in our class, looks fantastic, together with a Porsche 911RS.
Tiger... or pussycat?

The forecast for tomorrow is rain, rain and more rain, so at least the more powerful cars, including a Mustang and Corvette Stingray, will not be able to lay the power down.

The first two timed stages tomorrow are through local forests, before we head to the ferry at Dover and onto France and Le Mans.

The car is running well and no faults to report.

Colin Daily Score = 10/10

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  1. Great blog keep it up, good luck hope colin is on form. Enjoy !! MC